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Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse filling, topped with dark chocolate shavings

Lemon Mousse Cake

White sponge cake with lemon mousse filling, topped with lemon curd and surrounded with whipped cream.

Strawberry Mousse Cake
White sponge cake with strawberry mousse filling, topped with fresh strawberries and surrounded with whipped cream.

Raspberry Mousse Cake

White sponge cake with raspberry mousse filling, topped with white chocolate shavings and surrounded with whipped cream.

Cheesecake with Fruit
A creamy rich cheesecake, topped with a variety of fresh fruit.

Raspberry Buttercream

White cake with raspberry jam and buttercream inside and out.

Mocha Buttercream
Chocolate cake with mocha buttercream inside and out with chocolate decor.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Dense chocolate cake, filled with chocolate mousse surrounded with raspberry whipped cream, and topped with white chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Heaven
Our most decadent cake, with layers of dense chocolate cake alternating with canache filling, and surrounded by canache.

Black Forest
A chocolate sponge cake layer topped with a layer of rings of chocolate mousse and sour cherrries soaked in "kirsch wasser" (cherry water and sugar) and a second layer of Bavarian cream with it all surrounded in whipped cream.
Tiramisu Cake
White sponge cake with a layer of marascapone mousse, rum and espresso and surrounded in ladyfinger sponge and whipped cream.

Passion Fruit Mousse Cake

A dome formed of tangy passion fruit mousse, surrounded with white sponge rolls filled with apricot jam.

Carrot Cake
Four layers of carrot cake filled with cream cheese icing and decorated with miniature marzipan carrots.

Devils' Food Cake
Moist ganache layer (on the inside) along with ganache on the outside.

Princess Cake
A dome of white sponge cake with diplomat cream and raspberry jam, completely covered with a thin sheet of marzipan.
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Baked Tarts and Fruit tarts made in a shortdough crust filled with almond creme filling.
Keylime Tarts are a fresh and tangy keylime custard filling in our shordough crust.
and many more!
Lemon Mousse Cake
Want to try just a slice? We have a large variety of individual dessert slices in our cake case for you.
There is always a wide selection of cakes available to look at, and our staff is ready to assist you! 
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Princess Cake
Chocolate Raspberry